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thebeatlesarefun sent: What kind of docs are you going to accept? What should I write? (Like your ships and stuff. What do you ship?)

I think I’d just end up asking for drabbles of the Kiriyama Family doing trivial things since hardly anyone in the fandom (English at least, they’re HUGE in Japan but I can’t read anything about them because duh) writes about them like ever. But with ships n shit, I have a ship page on my personal with all my ships, but to narrow it all down, I’d prolly ask for Mitsuru/Izumi/Ryuhei, Mitsuko/Yuichiro, Shinji/Chisato, Tadakatsu/Yuka, Sho/Ryuhei, Ryuhei/Hirono and/or Yoji/Yoshimi, since they’re the ones I’m feeling at the momento ~

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thebeatlesarefun sent: When does the art thing start? What should I write/how does it work?

Well, I’m not entirely sure when I’ll start it since I’d like to finish my main projects first before taking on commissions, so it was more of me throwing out the idea before I forgot about it, which happens a lot, haha!

Well, I guess if you’re very much willing to exchange a writing for a picture, then we’d have to discuss what each of us are willing to write/draw for each other together somewhere. And I was planning on having a set amount for each type of picture, like a short drabble would equate to a sketch, a one-shot would equate a simple picture and a long fan fiction would equate a large and detailed picture, so both sides would both hold up the same amount of work~

I’d like to open the commissions soon though considering my dad’s going to cut me off soon and I’ll need money, and the lack of fanfiction of things I like is killing me slowly! @A@;;

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Just a quickie!

If I allow people to commission fanfiction in exchange for art requests, would anyone actually be up for that?

If I don’t get at least five people saying they’d totes 100% do it by Saturday, then I’ll just have to ask for money only in the future~

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darkflow sent: I've actually wanted to ask you this question for a long time: Who are artists that inspire you?


To be honest, I don’t really have any that inspire me and it’s more that random shit will come to me and I draw it really, or I see a picture and I think “oh hey I know what to draw” or summit like that

Although, I still have a list of my favourite artists that have inspired my art style in some way, if that’s what you mean:

Tite Kubo (Bleach, Zombie Powder. And both of his styles are so appealing)
Masayuki Taguchi (Battle Royale)
Noizi Ito (Haruhi Suzumiya, Another, Shakugan No Shana, Flyable Heart, Nanatsuiro Drops, inspired the Kyoto Ani default art style too)
K (Kiriyama Family/Ryuhei Sasagawa fan artist)
Katsumi Enami (Baccano!)
Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Hikaru No Go!, Bakuman)
Yusuke Murata (Eye Shield 21)
Mia Ikumi (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Seiji Onitsuka (Official Nitro+CHiRAL illustrator)

And there’s prolly some others. but I’ll add to them later ooon

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This is old as shit and I never posted it because I wanted to make a series, but since I drew this way over a year ago, that doesn’t look very likely, lol

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I’m sorry, but the English copy hasn’t been released yet, and no one scanlated the manga in English either. Although, you can pre-order the English manga from here~ 

Ida bought me the original Japanese copy last year and I go on a lot of Japanese Battle Royale websites, so that’s why I know a lot about it. ^ ^

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Anonymous sent: Do you plan to make art for a living, or will it be a hobby that you excel at?

I hope to do art for a living, yeah!

I’m leaning more towards hopefully working on things related to animation, if anything. Although, I’d love to work in the comic book industry, however, I know that’ll probably never going to happen, haha.

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Battle Royale Genderbent

In order of appearance:

[Shuya] Nanahara 
Yoshiko Kuninobu
Norio Nakakgawa
Shoko Kawada
[Shinji] Mimura
Yutaka Seto
Keiko Iijima
Hiroko Sugimura
Kayato Kotohiki
Hiromi Kuronaga
Mitsuru Numai
Kazuko Kiriyama
[Ryuhei] Sasagawa
Shou Tsukioka
Yukio Utsumi
Haruka Tanizawa
Satomi Noda
Yuta Nakagawa
Chikato Matsui
Izumi Kanai
Yuto Sakaki
Yukito Kitano
Yumito Kusaka
Toshimi Oda
Mitsuo Souma
Yuiko Takiguchi
Hironori Shimizu
Yoshiyuki Yahagi
Kazumi Niida
Takao Chigusa

  • I done these at the beginning of the month, but my scanner broke, so I had to wait 21 days to clean them up and post them. 
  • Well, with Shuya, I gave her(?) hair styled from Joan Jett (As per Ida’s suggestion, after we(she) went through a fuck ton of rockers, lol) instead of Springsteen since it would have been pretty weird, not like it changes his position as Shuya favourite, lol. 
  • With Shoko, I wasn’t sure whether to go down a Sakura Oogami route or a Mikasa Ackerman one, but Lover told me to do the latter so well, I did. 
  • I love how the KF came out, as a whole though! Although, I’m very biased, haha. Me and Lover built up how we figured Shou would be a glamorous Gyaru, and be totally dolled up, as a contrast to how her original male counterpart was dressed up like a Yankii (A very camp Yankii). I also opted to make Ryuhei’s female counterpart dress in a very over-the-top manner, in regards to how she’s dressed as a male.
  • I gave Hironori red hair because I’m always torn between Hirono having blonde or red hair, so this way I get both. That and he looks more punk-y.

I have no comments on the rest of them since they’re all just the literal opposite-gender counterparts. I’ve been mulling over how this would actually work/how they would act and the slight changes in attitude and nature n shit, and I’ve come up with a few ideas for pictures I might come up with in the future, so don’t think this’ll be the only time I’ll be drawing them! Although, I dunno if I’ll draw the rest of them, since these all just fit on the same page in my sketch book (I know I’m impressed that even happened).

Also, I kinda need help coming up with the perfect names for Shuya (I had one for him but I forgot it what is life), Shinji and Ryuhei, since they don’t have female counterparts that I know of.

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